Some surprising facts about your oral health

Most of us know that it is necessary to take care of our teeth because dental health is directly related to our overall health and well-being. We also know that it is important to change toothbrush after every few months and use good fluoride toothpaste for pearly white teeth but there are some surprising facts about oral health that many of us may not know. Here are some for your information;

  • Best friend of your teeth is saliva: This must be surprising for you. Saliva in your mouth removes the residue of food that is left in your teeth and mouth and has antibacterial qualities that neutralise the acids and protects your teeth from wear and tear. So keep a water bottle handy if you feel that your mouth remains dry.
  • Plaque can grow on teeth during sleep: even if you keep your teeth clean during the day and brush before going to bed, plaque develops on your teeth at night, so you have to brush in the morning to remove the build up of bacteria and leads to decay. If it’s not removed it develops into tartar for which you need dental help. You can have more information on this in Singapore dental resource guide.
  • 300 different types of bacteria grow in your mouth: plaque is formed of millions of different kinds of bacteria that grows in your mouth and can damage your tooth enamel if not taken care of.

Your dental health is important and for more information, you can go through Singapore dental resource guide.