Does synthetic urine work for lab tests

Although artificial urine may be the hottest method of moving a urine drug test, we still obtain a large amount of emails with ‘I possess a drug test in 2 times, I’m x high and consider x lbs, reviewed a combined two weeks ago, must I use artificial urine? Does synthetic urine work?’. To clear the image and put some traditional sense thinking into does artificial urine work with laboratory drug tests, we did a little of examining which discovered these results:

Does synthetic urine work with:

Calibrating urinalysis test strips – it had been designed to verify if urine drug tests function properly – YES.

‘Golden showers’ – synthetic urine works for that-but many people complain about having less ‘that special smell’ – so partly yes. These are the best detox drink for drug test.

Moving a urine drug test (the large one everyone desires to learn about) – obviously it works if you are using it with good sense – so YES.

We centered on the issue if artificial urine works to move a drug test, even in 2017. From consumer opinions and, well, our personal knowledge we’re very sure that it works (normally it wouldn’t be so commonly used by one time puffers and true stoners alike to defeat a drug test).

What’s much more important than knowing if artificial urine works is that will be the very best someone to use to ensure you to move. We’ll get into that but here’s a spoiler – it’s everything related to the best temperature of synthetic urine.

Despite artificial urine being popular to defeat drug tests, it was made to check if urinalysis test pieces perform regularly or not.

Generally they combined together everything they calculate having a urine test (for example urea and the crystals) to produce a great healthy urine – usually called ‘synthetic urine’. They checked if urine test pieces may identify it the artificial urine as ideal healthy urine – and from 100 tests, 100 test strips told the same. There’s no distinction between artificial urine along with a normal urine.

Obviously when drug screening for work started, people started using artificial urine to defeat the drug test. Test strips dipped into a pot of regular urine and artificial urine display the identical effect.